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Tarmac Re-Surfacing Contractors

T & M are specialist tarmac re-surfacing contractors.

When preparing an area to be constructed you have to consider it’s usage when calculating the required foundations. Construction varies depending on the use of the area to be re-surfaced and the sub base is of upmost importance. We always construct sub bases to a minimum of 100mm for light use areas such as pathways, increasing to 150mm for a driveway and 225mm for a car park or access road. The sub base is then followed by binder course(s) and the surface course.

T & M always provide detailed construction specifications for every project we undertake.

Correct Construction for a tarmac driveway or pathway


Suitable Applications

We consider tarmac to be suitable for areas to be trafficked by vehicles such as car parks and forecourts, as well as sports surfaces such as tennis courts and playgrounds.

Careful consideration needs to be given as whether it’s the right choice for your driveway, path or patio. For smaller areas it’s not much more economical than block paving and there are some downsides. Petrol or oil spills can break down the top surface and then penetrate the lower layers. This process can't be reversed and can only be fixed by patching which is not often aesthetically pleasing.

You may also want to consider your neighbourhood. If there are other tarmac driveways on your road then it won’t look out of place, but if that's not the case, and the other driveways fit in with the period of the property, or are predominantly block paved, then yours may look inferior and possibly make the house a little harder to sell.

We are also reluctant to use tarmac for a garden patio as it can get hot in summer and is not so pleasing on the eye when compared to other similarly priced options. See our patio page for more ideas.